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Worcestershire Mustard Chicken

Best Worcestershire Mustard Chicken Dish Ever “Total Rooster Booster!”

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    *In a large twelve-inch-wide fry pan add ¼ cup Virgin Olive Oil.

               2to 3 tablespoons of salted butter. I do love butter!!!

           4 to 6 crushed med garlic cloves

     *Sautee the above ingredients on low heat, take out garlic before it browns, or if you love garlic like me leave it in, just don’t burn the crushed cloves.

     * Add 8 to 10- 4 oz. chicken breast and sauté both sides lightly till hints of light brown appear on breast. Note: this step can be tricky if you leave the garlic in, since the garlic could burn, so to make it simple remove garlic during this step and add back in when you add the liquids below.

          * Add, 2 cups of water

            ½ cup of Worcestershire

            ½ cup mustard

            2 tablespoons of chicken paste (I always prefer Stouffers or Minors bases)

     *Simmer all till the chicken gets to 165 internal degrees.

     *Pull all the cooked breast out and julienne so they are ½ inch thick strips. By doing this the chicken lays nicely go on top of your favorite rice!

     *Note: If you love mushrooms like me, I add a can of drained mushrooms to the mix.

     *My next step is I add at least one Sweet & Low or 2 tablespoons of sugar to mix.  I can’t make all the choices but if you like sweetness like I do feel free to add more!

     * I then add 1.5 cups more of water to replenish what we have lost during the cooking process.   You want to have ample liquid to turn into a gravy to go on top of the rice with the chicken.

     * Finishing the dish I make a simple corn starch slurry which is water and cornstarch in a milk like consistency.  Please make sure all the clump beaten out.Bring liquid back to almost a boil to add corn starch slurry. Note: as you add this slurry to the hot almost boiling mixture add the slurry slowly and observe how it thickens, DO NOT add all at once, if so you might end up with a thick porridge dish! Add it slowly, you can always add more!  If it is too thick just add water

*Salt & Pepper to taste!

     When I make this dish at home, my daughter Holly makes an oriental stir fry broccoli and we serve this dish over fluffy white rice along with some store bought egg rolls.  But hang on Samurai Mikey might soon teach you how to make his favorite magical Egg Rolls and maybe I can talk Holly into teaching you her famous Stir-fry Broccoli.

     Enjoy this dish and remember to subscribe to my cooking and music channel @ Mike Kostensky or find this recipe on our Mike’s Place web page

      Grab an ice cold bevy and sit down and enjoy this great dish!!!