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Stuffed Peppers

HOW TO MAKE THE EASIEST & BEST STUFFED PEPPERS - 12/23/22    by Momma K aka Debbie - John Houk   

               (Below Recipe makes enough for 4 large stuffed peppers.)

My wife Debbie never gets enough credit, but she truly is a good cook and a saint for putting up with the likes of me!  Stuffed Peppers is one of my favorite dishes of hers for sure!  I always hope there will be at least one stuffed Pepper left over so I can consume it cold early the next morning for breakfast!!  Mmmmmm Mmmmmm my taste buds are drooling!


1 Pound of ground peppers - 80/20 ground beef mix works great.

1 Package of 2.0 oz dried onion soup mix.

1 cup of precooked rice. Brown or White- Brown I am told is better for diabetics.

1 cup of water.

1 - 10.5 oz can of tomato soup and 1 can of water. Can’t go wrong with Campbell soup.

Cheddar cheese-shredded 

4 large fresh red or green peppers or both.  I do love the sweetness of the fresh Red peppers.

Hungarian Smoked Paprika - 1 to 2 tablespoons

Salt & Pepper

Optional item to add to the beef rice mixture!!!!!!

     Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning! Game changer in my book!!!!  You decide how much!

     In a medium sauté pan, brown the ground beef, and poor of the fat leaving a small amount in.  Add dried onion soup mix, rice, pepper, two tablespoons of paprika, salt and 1 cup of water.  Cook for about 5 to 10 minutes.

     In a separate pot deep pot filled with boiling water add the peppers which have had the seeds and top removed so it resembles a cup where you mixture will be placed.  Boil peppers for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove and let drain and cool a bit.  Stuff the peppers evenly with the Beef rice mixture.  Place in a ceramic of glass casserole pan with a lid. A 9 by 9 size works great for four large peppers.  Do not waste any beef mixture if I have leftover I sprinkle it over the top and then add the cheese.

     Open can of soup and mix in a bowl with 1 cup of water.  Pour over peppers.  Top with shredded cheddar cheese.  Bake at 350 for about a half hour.  Temp and make sure you have reached 165.  Let dish sit covered for a 15 minutes and then dive in!  Be careful this is truly a hot dish and I am sure you don’t want to be burn your mouth as you wait impatiently like I for this wonderful goodness!.

     Thank you all for watching this video!  I truly appreciate your feedback and comments as we explore the amazing world of food.  Please subscribe to Mike Kostensky on YouTube and watch all the cooking video’s and my Island and Americana Music clips.  Words and Music keeps the world a much happier place!  Peace, Love and Mike’s Place!