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American Steal

Founded in 2000 and has been traveling and entertaining since!  This well oiled and seasoned band is a rare combination of Original country rock at it's finest, with amazing vocals and harmonies. ASB is truly a group of musicians who get it and years ago broke away from the drama of the music world.   

     Mike, Matt, Fred, Dougy, Bob and Aden truly enjoy each others company on and off the stage, most likely the reason  most of them have performed together for almost 20 years.  Folks this doesn't happen with many musical groups anymore.  They know they never will be rockstars, but truly enjoy the cult like following that come to their shows, sing along with the bands originals songs and continue to buy cd's from 2004 and before. "Yes Virginia a new album is really being rehearsed and some time in 2019 it will be released."  The new songs I have heard are amazing and truly reflect the years of performing with each others.  Hang on all you music lovers we can't wait till you hear the new American Steal music.  Peace, Love and American Steal!

American Steal Albums:

*2000 three songs- Still Alive and Kicking- Charity cd -SOLD OUT

 *2001 Album- Hard to Hide the Heroes -SOLD OUT- rereleased  2007-2019


 *2004 Album- Come to my Town -SOLD OUT- 


American Steal

has been the Mike's Place house band since they all had hair.  For years American Steal also was the always requested Tail Gate Party band at all the home Kent State football games.  Then as the bands popularity increased the boys were chased up to the Beer Barrel Saloon at Put-In-Bay and other bars at the islands. 

     Three hundred and some show later it's your guess as well as mine where the traveling minstrels will show up next.  All we know is their long awaited 3rd album is in the works.  Stay tuned and let me tell you it's going to be a great collection of songs!

Tour History

2001 & 2002: "Hard to Hide the Heroes Tour:"

2004 & 2005: "Come to My Town Tour."

200?:  "The Kids Need Braces Tour."

200?:  "The Yo Ho Ho Pirates Tour."

200?  "Were Not In Depends Yet Tour!"

200?  "American Steal Band Strikes Back Tour!"

2019:  Shameless New Cd tour?"

American Steal Band Bio's

Mike Kostensky: Founding member of American Steal and owner of Mike's Place. Rhythm guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, head roadie of ASB. Married to Debbie who has put up with his ADA and supported him in whatever crazy direction he turns.  They have 4 wonderful Kids, who also have supported the bands music since they were kids.  Cody was the bands original roadie he worked for peanuts! Lol.

Matt Moore:  Lead Vocalist & master of the harmonica.  Original member since 1999. Married to Louise who comes to all shows. They have with 3 grown kids, who have suffered to ASB music since childhood.  Just kidding they have loved it since I can remember

Freddy Franks:  Keyboardist and Vocalist.  Freddy is truly an amazing man, even more so when he puts on his Frelvis suit.  Stand back you will never know what he will do next.  Just watch out like the time he swung on the tent poles and almost brought the tent down.  Owner and Operator of Akron Auto clinic.  Fred is recently widowed, his beautiful wife Marietta came to every ASB show and was our best fan and groupie.  We all truly miss her unbridled support of our way of life.  Yes she will always be in the hearts of this band.  Fred is a father and grandfather, teaching them all the way of music!

Dougy Matthews:  The youngster in the band who has played with us before he was an adult.  Truly a talented bass player and vocalist.  Also a head roadie, sound man and dedicated father of two great kids.  Happily married to Jamie another very supportive wife of his musical passion.

Bob Kraus:  Lead guitarist, vocalist and father.  A veteran of the Coast Guard and of the country road circuit.  Played with the likes of Wayland and Willy, Vince Gill and others.  Bob has truly added a special flair to our lead guitarist position.  Oh yeah Bob is also a wonderful grandfather.  Family always comes first with American Steal.

Aden Miller:  The Newbie.  Aden is an amazing man when it comes to drums. Of all our drummers he truly can keep a steady beat.  We learned heavy metal drummers never work out.  I learned after to many over energized cymbal crashes that have damaged my hearing, just kidding or am I? Married with kids.  Aden has played at the Ryman in Nashville and recorded and played with many of the popular country touring bands.